The Grand Prix Maxxis of Greece wasn’t easy for the Yamaha Miglio Racing team… with the mechanical issues of Sweden’s Mikael PERSSON and the nasty triple metatarsal injury of Jamie MCCANNEY. The 2015 Junior World Champion is out for few weeks, and team boss Max MIGLIORATI wasted no time in finding a stand-in rider whilst McCanney recovers.


It will be Robert KVARNSTROM (S) who will replace the Brit at the Italian Yamaha team! Absent from the EnduroGP paddock since 2013, the Swede will bring some fresh fire to the Yamaha E1 team. Well known for his aggressive and crowd-pleasing riding style, KVARNSTROM will race in the GP of Finland and also in Sweden.
Competing in Joakim JOHANSSON’S team for the past two years, KVARNSTROM won the Swedish Championship in E1 in 2014, but then injured his knee (torn ACL) in 2015. For his return to the World Series, the fast and friendly Swede should put on a great show in front of his home crowd and will hope to place in the Top 5 in E1!


02It’s a great opportunity offered by Yamaha to Robert KVARNSTROM and no doubt, the “Mad Swede” as he is used to be called in the paddock, will try to make the most of it. We already know he’s quick, and we hope now that he’s older he can race with a more measured approach!


Press Enduro GP