Matti Seistola

SEISTOLA… on Yamaha!

At the end of the 2015 season, after several months of rumours, Matti SEISTOLA (SF) finally announced his retirement from the highest level of enduro competition and decided to enroll on a university course. He had been with Fabrizio AZZALIN and his Sherco CH Racing team and the Finn ended his career after an impressive season. He was hampered by a nasty hand injury which ultimately cost him the chance to fight for the title; however he still finished 3rd place in E3…


But Matti SEISTOLA will return to try his luck in EnduroGP, “wildcarding” for one Grand Prix in his home race in Finland on 11 and 12 June! The amiable Finn will compete in Enduro 1, riding a 250cc Yamaha with Team Yamaha Finland JME, managed by Jari MATTILA.
Matti has already stated that he misses racing, and it’s possible that he could surprise a few people in E1 during the Heinola weekend. The dream for the crowd would surely be to see him fight for victory with his countryman Eero REMES (TM)!


As one of the most popular riders in the paddock, the return of Matti SEISTOLA should add a little spice and help to bolster the Enduro 1 class, which has suffered a blow already this season with the injury of Jamie MCCANNEY (GB – Yamaha) and the retirement of Anthony BOISSIERE and Simone ALBERGONI – and of course, the overwhelming dominance of Eero REMES. If, in addition to a good performance in E1, the returning Yamaha rider could score some points in EnduroGP, it could be the comeback of the season!


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