A muddy Super Test !


Are we really in Greece?!?! Since yesterday, the weather looks to be playing some bad turns to the EnduroGP. The 91 riders of the Grand Prix Maxxis of Greece had to face a heavy rain and a muddy track for the first special test of the weekend… Despite this bad weather, a numerous Greek public make the appointment to watch the Super Test.

On a technical track that finally became tricky, the FIM Youth Cup 125cc had the advantage to start first. Valerian DEBAUD (F – Yamaha) wins it over Jack EDMONDSON (GB – KTM) and Mirko SPANDRE (I – KTM). In Juniors, Josep GARCIA (E – Husqvarna) impressed everybody with a huge time of 2’11’65, far ahead of Michele MARCHELLI (I – Honda) and Kirian MIRABET (E – Sherco)…


During a long time, we thought it would be impossible to beat GARCIA’s time with that weather and the special test getting muddier… But with just four duels to go, while everybody wasn’t expecting it, Loïc LARRIEU (F – Yamaha) beat this time (2’11”41)! Then came Alex SALVINI (I), who, on the handlebar of his Beta went under the 2 minutes and 11 seconds (2’10”76)… But the final offered us the duel Matthew PHILLIPS (AUS – Sherco) and Mathias BELLINO (F – Husqvarna) and the French realized a perfect race while a little mistake from the start cost the victory to his Australian rival. Results, BELLINO wins it around 1 second ahead of PHILLIPS, 2’09”19 and 2’10”07!
Note also the nice return to the forefront of Ivan CERVANTES (E – KTM) who set the best time in E1!

Despite unusual rain here, this Grand Prix Maxxis of Greece is well underway and the spectators present tonight had a great taste of what they will see this weekend! See you tomorrow… with a heavier rain to come!


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Ivan Cervantes
Ivan Cervantes