AUBERT and Beta ambitious…

BELLINO and PHILLIPS now in E2 Class, and with the retirement of LEOK and SEISTOLA, the E3 category seemed more open than ever… until Beta Factory decided to register Johnny AUBERT (F) in this class! Two times World Champion (2008, 2009), AUBERT will be for sure the man to beat as his performances during the two first rounds of the Italian Championship showed it.

Beta is very ambitious this year and they also entered the Brit prospect Steve HOLCOMBE, 2015 revelation of the Junior class and who trade his place in Beta Boano team with Portuguese Luis CORREIA, number 5 in 2015. After many economical troubles, Gas Gas Factory is present this season with Jonathan BARRAGAN (E), who can be fast but has to find a good pace all along the season.


Johnny Aubert Pic: Cristian Morello


MONNI and SANTOLINO, the real rivals

The firm from Pesaro (I), TM, is also looking for the title with Manuel MONNI (I) who seems to be in a good shape and will have a pretty important season for his future.
We also wait a lot from Spanish rider Lorenzo SANTOLINO, biggest threat of the French Factory Sherco Racing.
We can’t forget also Antoine BASSET (F – KTM), Jaume BETRIU (E – KTM), Jérémy JOLY (F – KTM) of the KTM Farioli supported team or also the Italian Thomas OLDRATI (I – Husqvarna), mud specialist.

This category will be still very open even if Johnny AUBERT seems to be the favorite of the bookmakers…





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